The two main classifications for flare design are the ground flare and the elevated flare. As Flares & Stacks, Inc. focuses on elevated flares as their field of expertise, here we will address the procedure that goes into the fabrication of an elevated flare system.

All elements that will affect the selection of flare type must be considered. Here are some main factors:

Type and Volume

The quantity, pressure, and chemical makeup of the gas to be flared are the primary factors that the flare system manufacturer needs to know. This will determine the size in diameter of the elevated flare, the preferred height, and whether there might be an advantage to the client for the flare system manufacturer to add a steam or an air injection system to the flaring. This would be an advantage  if the chemical composition being flared might warrant that the flaring be rendered smokeless.

Space for the flare system

Often there is a strict limit on space that is available for a flare system. Custom flare design experts can put together a flare concept that will work in the space allowed. Not only is there concern for space for the actual flare system itself, but one must also take into account the radiant heat that will be produced when the flare system is in service. It is for this reason that so many flares are in elevated stacks supported by a guy wire system. A custom flare design will come up with a flare system that has a height and support structure that works with the existing facility.


Custom flare design can take into account the feasibility of operation. Not simply the monetary cost involved in the creation and operation of the flare system, but a custom flare system manufacturer can also design a system that will meet the needs of on-site personnel who will be managing and operating the flare system. Going with a custom flare design also capable of meeting targets for operating costs is a huge ongoing, cost-saving benefit.

Custom flare design by Flares & Stacks, Inc. means choosing a flare system manufacturer experienced in all facets of flare fabrication. Having a flare system expert able to design a custom flare able meet the specific demands of location, site, and regulations is the wisest approach to selecting a flare system that is best and most cost-effective for any given waste gas elimination need.