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Flare tip refurbishment in the oil and gas industry is an important facet to petrochemical operations, both on land and offshore. The procedure for executing flare tip changeout can be a smooth process. It is a system by which a petrochemical company can keep their flare tips burning hot, while reducing downtime to a cool minimum, and completely complements the fact that an effective flare tip refurbishment program also keeps a cost effective bottom line.

When a flare tip becomes dysfunctional  with time and wear, the company must consider whether it is best to replace the flare tip or to repair it. While replacing the flare tip is, under certain circumstances, the only logical move, more often it is wiser, and less expensive, to consider the flare tip repair option.

The first thing to do is to have the flare tip experts do a complete evaluation of the flare tip, its parts, and the integrity of the materials. When all issues have been identified, the flare tip experts can look at what elements need to be rebuilt, and what must be accomplished to return the flare tip back to the manufacturer’s original specifications.

Ideally, the petrochemical company takes into account the inevitable need for flare tips to be brought out of service for replacement, and by anticipating this have an established relationship with a flare tip repair service who helps to maintain two flare tip assemblies, where one can replace the other when one comes out of service.

Furthermore, having in place an arrangement with the flare tip replacement experts whereby the flare tip can be quickly changed out the moment that it goes out of service  will save massive amounts of time, and keep production up and running with minimal production loss. What’s more, the final result will be the possession of an efficient maintenance program that fosters a reduced cost of operation and a vast improvement on environmental impact.