Pollution control is a hot topic these days. Few industries are as keenly alert to the need to “be green” than is the petrochemical industry. Any innovation in process that can help make oil refinement an increasingly eco-friendly process is warmly welcomed. And when it comes to environmental control systems one of the most critical components to protecting the atmosphere from refining waste is the combustion process. The flare and stack system is comprised of several components that operate together to make the system highly efficient at preventing pollution, so the intricacies of maintaining this system and ensuring the right combustion equipment components are being employed is very important.

One of the primary elements for keeping optimal cleanness and efficiency of the flare stack is having regular inspections. The responsibility for field service work handling these inspections should be given to a process equipment company expert that specializes in combustion equipment. Flares & Stacks is a premiere authority in the inspection, care and maintenance of combustion equipment and systems. The petrochemical plant operators who trust Flares and Stacks, Inc, as their combustion equipment contractor know they have entrusted experts who will be absolutely familiar with all industry combustion components, including the ignition system required for their combustion processes, the fabrication and installation of their stacks, the type of flare tips used, and the other flare tip components being employed.

Flares & Stacks combustion equipment field services also includes support and services for the care and installation of retractable systems, and our teams have familiarity about all parts that may need to be kept in reserve in the event of an emergency. As combustion equipment experts, our field service teams will be knowledgeable about what online repairs are possible if the combustion system should experience failure of any kind. Obviously, combustion systems failure can have an adverse environmental impact. Having a Flares & Stacks field service crew will ensure that the repair project will be done quickly, safely and correctly. It will result in effective refinery pollution control and a bare minimum of downtime.

The greatest innovation to the environmental improvements of the petrochemical industry is not as much advancements in engineering technology, but more with improvements in the procedures and planning for inevitable plant component breakdown. Flares & Stacks Inc. is responsible for many of the advancements to the industry, both by advancing technology and by innovating procedures that decrease downtime.

Having an experienced combustion process equipment company crew in place and prepared protects the environment. It also keeps the plant up and running efficiently, keeping it productive and protecting the petrochemical company’s bottom line.

About Flares & Stacks
Combustion Equipment Field Services

Flares and Stacks has long been the industry’s premiere combustion equipment field service contractor. We offer an unprecedented craftsmanship warranty (unrivaled by any other contractor or manufacturer in the combustion equipment industry), an impeccable safety record, and Flares & Stacks always completes the project with a satisfied client.

All Flares & Stacks employees receive flare technician training as well as specialty craft-oriented training.  Another area where Flares & Stacks rises above most other combustion equipment contractors is in the fact that each field supervisor has one crew assigned to him. The crew members do not leave that team, allowing all members of the team to be 100% familiar with each other’s work habits and strengths. This procedure has allowed for all Flares and Stacks projects to be completed safely and efficiently.This belief in keeping teams together has allowed Flares and Stacks to maintain a flawless field services safety record since the birth of the corporation.

Flares and Stacks also offers full turn key operations that can include all facets of the project you need executed. A brief list of combustion equipment services include:

  • Ignition systems for all combustion equipment

  • removal and replacement of

    • flare tips

    • molecular seals

    • ladders and cages

  • Installation of retractable systems

  • Stack installation

  • Burner removal and replacement

  • Burner modification

  • Flare stack fabrication

  • Tip rebuilds

  • Emergency call-out

  • Online Repairs