A gas flare systems flare tip has a pretty heavy job description. It must disperse heat effectively. It must generate flow at a velocity greater than the external wind velocities. If a gas flare system is fitted with a flare tip that is improper to the job there is a risk of burn back. This can cause serious complications to the flare system, like ignition and burnout problems, but at the very least it will result in quicker deterioration of the flare tip. Frequent tip rebuild work orders are a good indication that the tips ought not to be simply rebuilt, but also re-evaluated for right kind, right size, and right installation.

Flare Tip Rebuilds Requires Expertise of – and Access To – Replacement Components

Considering that a simple flare tip rebuild is not so simple if done correctly, as it involves evaluation of past performance and not merely a thoughtless part-for-part change out process, a reliable flare tip rebuild service will possess a shop and inventory, as Flares and Stacks, Inc. does. A flare tip rebuild project often involves the need to make modifications to the design of a gas flare system, when the realities of a gas flare systems’ environment has altered or is otherwise different than what the original designers assessed. If supplemental systems need to be addressed during a flare tip rebuild, then it is important to have total ability and competency to fabricate or rebuild, repair, and replace all parts, worn or imperfect, and that the flare tip rebuild company has easy access to all parts and seals. Only a company that specializes in gas flare systems will be able to meet these requirements, and be quick, efficient, and precise in the gas flare system tip rebuild process.

Gas Flare System Full Evaluation Saves The Company

Much time, money, and headache can be saved by committing to a complete evaluation of a gas flare system, especially if the company has been experiencing trouble with their flare system showing marginal performance. So when it comes time to take care of flare tip rebuild needs, it is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the whole gas flare system. Doing so will in the long run will bring profit to the company and will reduce the expense of maintenance.