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Flare Maintenance Includes Flare Stack Guy Wire Inspection

Any complete flare maintenance program will always include an inspection of the guy wires.  While thorough guy wire inspection used to be a difficult task, cutting-edge proprietary technology has made it easy to inspect both the outer and inner core… Continue Reading →

To Wire Guy Cables For Correct Guy Wire Tension On Flare Stacks

Whether the job is to wire guy cables on a brand new flare stack, or if the job is to recalibrate guy wire tension on an existing flare system, it is good to know the fundamentals of proper cabling and… Continue Reading →

Refinery Flare Guy Rope Inspection

     Guy wire rope cabling for refinery flares is, like any guy rope application, subject to friction, bending and tension.  While it is not casually observable, guy wire cabling is a moving and working strength member of the flare stack… Continue Reading →

Guy Wire Rope Specifications Maintained With Proper Guy Wire Rope Service

In wind, rain, snow, and all sorts of weather, the implement that keeps tall structures standing strong is the guy wire. Guy wires are tensioned cables, and they are used to give stability to all sorts of tall structures, including… Continue Reading →

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