The petrochemical industry is going through a drastic change right now. The drastic change has to do with new technology and natural gas extraction.

There is a new revolutionary process of extracting natural gas, and this extraction process is driving the prices down on the common feedstock for much of the petrochemical industry. Meanwhile, it is absorbing much of the industry’s resources for commissioning new and maintaining existing pipelines for transporting natural gas to either storage facilities or for directing it to petrochemical plants.  The resources that are being depleted from the industry include an implement that is commonly an afterthought in the big picture of pipeline maintenance: the need for a temporary blow down gas flare.

Blow down flare systems are a critical pipeline component. A blow down flare system functions to bleed off the product contained in a section of pipe that needs to be safely repaired, or simply inspected. Such flare systems are only needed on a temporary basis, so being able to rent a temporary flare is an important cost-saving measure.

There is a whole spectrum of temporary flares, ranging in size and application, and this spectrum of temporary flares even include the industry’s largest rental flare that is often used to allow entire plants to stay online while a crew executes emergency repairs on the main flare system of the facility.  Flare maintenance and repair specialists should have access to temporary flares for all applications.

These mobile gas flare systems come with the standard equipment that include auto re-light ignition systems, smokeless capacity via air assist or steam assist, flame verification system, and can include knock out drums or liquid seal vessel, as required.  Whatever the temporary flare required, these components are the basics that should be available no matter what size flare, to be made available for any and every application of a flare system.

Flares and Stacks still remains as the number 1 vendor of temporary flares with the industry’s largest fleet of temporary flares. With the new demands for small self-reliant mobile gas flare systems being on the rise, Flares and Stacks continues to grow their fleet with the equipment to meet the pipeline and natural gas industry needs.   Flares and Stacks also provides complete turnkey service, giving clients the confidence that all components required for the effective operation of a temporary flare system will be included.