Flares and Stacks, Inc. is the original inspector of elevated equipment with the use of a remote operated aerial camera platform and has long been the industry leader in remote aerial inspections using drones. Today Flares and Stacks uses the same equipment used on movie sets and in documentaries. Flares and Stacks current platform is the most technologically advanced drone on the market. This platform is the safest available using a triple redundant flight control system to ensure that the aircraft is always on course and under control of the operator. Flares and Stacks employs two man teams to guarantee the most optimum photographs available. Each team has a Remote Pilot In Command, and a camera operator. All members of the Flares and Stacks aerial inspection teams is fully licensed by the FAA with 107 Certificates and cross trained in all aspects of the drone operations. Flares and Stacks is also a proud graduate of TEEX and NUASCP (National Unmanned Aircraft Credentialing Program). The TEEX Credentialing Program is the gold standard in the sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) Completion of the credentialing program enables companies to validate compliance to FAA regulations regarding commercial UAS ventures and demonstrate safe flight operations and enhanced safety management systems. Only 9 other companies have successfully completed this program leaving the field of qualified companies quite small, and the field of qualified flare specialist companies down to just 1, Flares and Stacks, Inc. This program ensures that the client has hired the most qualified and safest company for the job.

Flares and Stacks has been a trail blazer in the industry by using and developing innovative technology such as the use of remote operated aerial vehicles for the purpose of elevated equipment visual inspections. The program began in 1998 with the use of single engine gas powered remote control helicopters. Since then we have advanced not only the petro-chem industry with the use of unmanned aerial equipment for elevated inspections but we have also advanced the UAV industry as well. We have since moved on from single engine helicopters to multi bladed rotorcraft coupled with the pinnacle of digital still photography equipment. Each aerial inspection is tailored to address the needs and concerns of the client focusing on the areas of concern with the equipment and addressing our findings in the comprehensive report.