Flare systems specialists that are worth hiring should be able to offer flare rental whereby petrochemical companies experiencing combustion equipment failure can utilize temporary flare systems while the primary equipment undergoes repair. This drastically cuts the time necessary for production to be offline. But even more exciting is to find a flare stack specialist with the ability to offer flare stack rental for free.

How is it possible to offer the use of equipment for free?  There is, in fact, only one means by which this can be done. To offer equipment rental for free requires that the combustion equipment service is in possession of an extensive inventory of flare system equipment. The variety of components must be so broad that the inventory as a whole can meet the needs of virtually all flare system applications. Also, all equipment in the inventory must meet FFA and EPA regulations. For this reason, only the most established  flare stack companies can offer such an advantage.

Flare Stack Rental: How It Works

Flare stack rental operates naturally through an existing relationship between the client and flare stack service. Once the service relationship is forged for ongoing prevention and maintenance work, the client’s flare system is evaluated, and the appropriate components of the rental fleet are identified and noted for the client’s future rental needs. So in the event of an unexpected failure, a simple call to the Flares & Stacks representative is all that is required.  The emergency outage can then be addressed with an immediate response by the flare stack professional team. For the Flares & Stacks team, response time is usually within 24 hours.

Turnkey is Key

There are situations where a rental flare is not all that is needed.  Knockout drums, liquid seals, and utility piping may also be required for temporary flare setup.  All these necessary items are also available through the temporary flare systems specialists of Flares & Stacks, Inc. and our flare stack rental program.