Recent advancements in petrochemical flare technology have produced a whole host of flare tip design types, allowing for complete application customization in combustion equipment. Whatever the circumstance, whether the flare is needed for a refinery, offshore drilling rig, and whether the application happens to be regarding oil or natural gas, there is a flare system perfect for the job at hand.

It is important to not only install the correct gas flare system, but it is important to maintain it through a company expert in gas flare system maintenance and flare tip rebuild procedures. Flares & Stacks, Inc. Is expert in all manner of gas flare system configurations.

A Variety of Flare Tip Configurations

Smokeless flaring can still be achieved with steam flare tip systems and air assisted flare tip systems, but now there are even more alternatives to account for situations where there are thresholds for radiation, excessive waste gas volume, and situations where components like steam may not be readily available  For instance,  where flaring must be done smokeless, and if there are constraints on the amount radiation it can generate, sonic flare tips are available to fill the bill. The pipe flare tip can contend with high volume waste gas that needs to be maintained at low pressure for flaring. There are gas assisted flare tips, staged flaring systems, acid gas flare tips… and many others.

Flare Tip Rebuild and Repair

For each specialized flare tip mentioned above there is a specialized corresponding configuration. All are subject to malfunction caused by heat, corrosion, stress, and the damages that are caused by wind and weather. Flare tips need to be inspected regularly, and when a gas flare system is due for repair and rebuild, it is important to have the system rebuilt by a company with knowledge of the full spectrum of gas flare system designs. Flares & Stacks Inc. has access to the multitude of gas flare tip parts and components. Furthermore, we have the capability of properly inspecting metal integrity. Damage and stress to metal may not be discernible with the naked eye. It takes metal engineering expertise to do a correct evaluation.

When a flare tip is repaired and rebuilt correctly, it saves the petrochemical plant or exploration outfit a substantial amount of money, and provides the assurance that the gas flare system will continue to operate cleanly, safely, and well within regulatory standards. Flares and Stacks, Inc. are industry leaders in flare tip service and maintenance. We pride ourselves in our expansive knowledge, knowledge of the cutting edge technologies in our field, and staff strong in both expertise and customer service.