Where combustion equipment is concerned, unexpected emergency outages require an immediate response. The responding service needs to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is also a big plus to be able to have access to flare rentals for free.

Flares and Stacks now offers a free temporary flare and equipment program that includes our entire fleet of temporary equipment.

The F&S Rental Fleet includes everything from mobile tripod flare to full size 400″ tall guy wired structures. Flares and Stacks offers a full line of rental flares ranging from 6″ diameter to the world’s largest 48″ diameter. Included in our rental fleet are several knockout drums and liquid seals that will fit nearly all applications.

When an emergency flare outage occurs, the method for response is always to arrive with equipment that can temporarily operate in the place of the on-site equipment that has failed. The combustion equipment service company  will install and start up the temporary combustion equipment while the permanent flare is down and while replacement parts are being ordered and installed. This, in the combustion equipment service world, is known as flare rentals services, a vital part of managing the needs of the oil and gas exploration and refining industries.

Flare rentals include portable flare structures and flare ignitors. A reliable combustion service company will have full-range access to all manner of flare rentals, including portable flares that are several hundred feet tall , and with stack diameters that range from two yards to sixteen yards wide. “Turnkey” is an important word to the refinery,  or the oil and gas outfit, that has experienced an untimely failure.  A reliable combustion equipment service will come not only with the portable flare structure, but also all the utility piping, cabling, flare ignitors, and all necessary components and technical experience needed  to ensure that the process of putting the flare rentals equipment online is done quickly, efficiently, and safely. And where a combustion equipment service company is established enough to provide flare rentals for free, this speaks to the vast range of on-standby temporary flare equipment the company has amassed due to the many varied needs of a wide spectrum of clients.

A welcome feature to the flare rentals industry is the advent of retractable systems. If it is a temporary pilot system that is needed, it is possible to go with a temporary pilot system that can be installed from the ground.

Flares and Stacks flare rentals include all necessary equipment for ignition, and meets all FFA and EPA regulations, and is proud to have the first free temporary flare rentals program available in the industry.