In wind, rain, snow, and all sorts of weather, the implement that keeps tall structures standing strong is the guy wire. Guy wires are tensioned cables, and they are used to give stability to all sorts of tall structures, including ship masts, radio antennas, wind turbines, and petroleum flare stacks. For industrial purposes, the cable used is made of intertwined wires of galvanized steel . These cables are very strong for a very good reason. What these tension cables endure is nothing short of hostile.

Engineering standards go into installing guy wires with the right tension. The initial strands must comply with upper and lower tension breaking strength limits. This is because once the guys are in place and put to work, they never stop working. They move constantly. They stretch and pull, all to keep in place the tower they hold up. Guyed structures, therefore, need to be examined regularly to ensure that the cables maintain good condition, that they are adequately supporting their load, and that they are kept properly lubricated.

Keeping wire rope guys in good condition is important. For example, since guys are used to hold up flare stacks of oil refineries, and since oil refineries are typically located near the ocean, it is important to keep a close eye on the guys because of the salt water in the air of this particular environment. Salt water in the air results in accelerated corrosion of guys, and corroded guy wires can fail, snapping unexpectedly under the tension they bear. Interestingly, a corroded guy wire may look just fine from the outer perimeter, since moisture usually collects in the core of the cable. This is why it is so important to trust an expert company to do regular inspections.

Proper tension must also be inspected regularly. Guy ropes that lose proper tension can be recalibrated to the correct values. To do this, the original manufacturer’s specifications must be considered, but also one must take into account the current condition and strength of the cable. When the cable fails to be able to maintain strength and tension specifications, then the cable must be replaced. The guy wire expert will have the proper equipment to test work load capability of guy wire, and apply proper tension to the ropes once installed.

Proper lubrication of a guy wire, performed on a regular basis, can extend the life of the cable and prevent corrosion problems. An expert company will be equipped with special equipment that can inspect the cable and lubricate the cable, from the core to the outer perimeter, while the cable is in place and under tension. It can literally “climb” the cable, from the ground anchor to the top, and then back down again.

Industrial guy wire examinations can be done in a thorough and efficient fashion by companies equipped with the right tools. Flares & Stacks has designed an efficient and safe manner to professionally inspect, service, and evaluate all guy wires with our remotely operated guy wire climber and automatic oiling system. As our special guy wire maintenance machine climbs each guy wire, our light weight, synthetic lubricant penetrates throughout the innermost guy wire strands helping to preserve and enhance their expected life span. Our guy wire rope specifications service which features a recommended annual maintenance program leads the industry. Even in guy wire maintenance, Flares And Stacks, Inc. sets new industry standards that is second to none.