When one thinks of aerial photography, one often envisions some guy taking a camera up in an airplane and shooting pastoral pictures of the earth below, in “fly-by” style. But this is not what we mean when we speak of industrial aerial photography. Advancements in technology over the past few decades have brought about wireless systems and gyroscopic stabilization, making it possible to take targeted, high quality images via remote controlled helicopter aerial photography. In fact, remote controlled helicopters are the perfect platform for aerial photography, and the applications are vital to commercial and industrial photography needs.

Flares & Stacks, Inc. is the world’s leader in online elevated equipment inspections. Not only have the creative minds of the F&S research and design team created a safe and efficient way to inspect elevated combustion equipment while in service, we have devised a way to perform these inspections hands-free. For many years F&S has been inspecting elevated equipment with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). This method of inspection allows for detailed photos of your flare or tower, while it remains in service, so that the problem areas can be identified prior to the scheduled outage, allowing for a better planned turnaround and possibly shortening the down time of the equipment.

The Aerial Inspection Report Process

Once the inspection is complete, the client then receives a full comprehensive report complete with photos, including close-up aerial photography images of problem areas, as well as diagnosis of the cause of any damage found and the projected life span of the damaged equipment. This service also allows the owner to become aware of any issues that would cause the equipment to be out of EPA compliance. The report will also include all recommendations to stay within compliance. F&S will also present the report on site. The report is also uploaded to the owner’s password-protected portfolio on the Flares and Stacks’ website to allow for easy transfer between departments within the facility. All of the aerial photography equipment we use is state of the art, made for industrial photography applications.

Remote Controlled Helicopter Aerial Photography: Industrial Photography Is Our Specialty

Flares and Stacks’ research and design team have perfected aerial photography to meet the specific rigors of industrial photography environs and situations. Our remote controlled helicopter is specially equipped to handle the environment and obstacles around a flare stack, rendering us capable of taking unparalleled high resolution images of what is going wrong at the source of the malfunction.

When the result is very high quality, targeted aerial photography, allowing inspectors to inspect from the safety of the ground, then the chances are that time and money will be ultimately saved for the company.

Learning to fly remote controlled helicopters, and taking quality helicopter aerial photography, takes years. Flares and Stacks, Inc. have professionals who specialize in elevated equipment inspections and is an experienced professional remote controlled helicopter aerial photography company. It is a specialty in which we are very proud.