There are several retractable systems available for combustion flares and petrochemical operations with flare systems should take great advantage of them. Here is a list of the top three retractable systems:

Retractable Flare Pilot Systems

Retractable flare pilot systems and flare ignition systems are capable of being raised to operation and lowered to ground level for maintenance. Without a retractable system, cranes or ladders are needed to remove them, replace them, and to inspect any maintenance concerns.

Retractable FAA Lighting

A retractable flare FAA warning light system allows the FAA lighting of the flare stack to be lowered to the ground any time a light needs replaced.

Retractable Industrial Thermocouple Systems

The flare system can remain on-line whenever its industrial thermocouples need replaced. And as with all the retractable systems the components can be replaced from ground level on a retractable thermocouple system.

Retractable Systems are the Future of Flare Stack Systems

Inspection, replacements and repairs in these areas of flare stack maintenance are made easy, and most importantly, safe. And further, these retractable systems are in full compliance with all governmental regulatory agencies.

Retrofitting Retractable Systems on to Existing Flare Stacks

Many retractable systems can be fabricated or retrofitted to work with existing systems. They can certainly be included as components of brand new systems as well. With existing systems it may be necessary to shut down the flare for the initial installation, but once the retractable system is in place the future down time for the flare system will be rendered a fraction of what it has been for previous maintenance exercises. And of course it cannot be stressed enough that retractable systems are downright safer systems. Reducing the amount of time any personnel should be suspended 450 feet in the air is an all-around safer state for the company and its people.