Guy wire rope cabling for refinery flares is, like any guy rope application, subject to friction, bending and tension.  While it is not casually observable, guy wire cabling is a moving and working strength member of the flare stack structure. The guy wires of refinery flares are the primary stabilizing component to the whole flare stack structure, and if provided competent rope inspection and maintenance care, it will give consistent and reliable service.

     Even in ideal weather the guy rope loses strength over time, as a natural consequence of maintaining the stability of the tall structure it supports. So what is the best way to maintain rope performance and evaluate weakening and wear?

     First, it is important to involve an effective rope inspection procedure. Second, see to the effective lubrication and maintenance of the guy rope to elongate the lifespan of the cabling. And third, retire a worn and weak guy wire rope from service before it breaks, which would create a highly dangerous situation if one should break. The cost of maintaining and replacing guy rope is extremely small when compared to the physical damage or personnel injury a worn out rope can cause.  Not to mention the consequences that would be involved if OSHA further determined that there was a failure to comply with their expectations for guy wire safety regulations that resulted in the guy wire failure.

     To comply with OSHA regulations, on-site refinery personnel are not required, and are largely unable, to inspect the core strands of guy wire rope in the course of completing routine shift inspections of a refinery flare. Yet the core strands of guy rope are the part of the rope that is most likely to have corrosion and wear that would be missed by the routine visual rope inspection. An effective maintenance schedule will involve a contract with a refinery flare service capable of providing a complete and thorough inspection of the guy wire cabling, with the equipment capable of inspecting core cable strands, and with the technology for properly lubricating the guy rope down to the core of the strands while the guy ropes are still in place and at work supporting the flare stack.

     By contracting with a company that specializes in the unique field of refinery flares and all of its components, including the guy rope system, refinery flare personnel are afforded the confidence of having a refinery flare guy rope structure able to pass the most critical OSHA inspection, and just as importantly, the confidence of a secure support system that will not readily fail.

Flares & Stacks Are Industry Leaders In Refinery Flare Guy Rope Inspections

     Flares & Stacks has long been the leader in guy wire service technology. We have now adopted EMP rope inspections. Now our guy wire machine not only cleans and lubes the guy wire, but it also inspects the internal strands. Now we can reduce the occurrence of guy wire failure long before the risk is realized. Flares And Stacks, Inc. is the petrochemical experts of guy wire rope inspection, specifications, evaluations, maintenance and services.