The flare stack service industry does more than maintain and repair the permanent flare systems of refineries. There is a whole facet of flare stack service that involves the ability to produce and set up quickly and efficiently portable flare systems and flare ignitors. This facet of the flare stack service industry is commonly referred to as flare rentals.

Field Applications for Flare Rentals

There are a number of situations that arise out in the field both onshore and offshsore where access to a temporary rental flare is critical. Pipeline blow-downs and well testing and exploratory drilling can all involve unexpected encounters with waste gas coming out at velocities that range from low to high. When this happens the on-site personnel will immediately call a flare stack specialist with access to a large inventory of portable flare systems. The flare stack specialist can ascertain the best portable flare system and flare ignitor to address the specific waste gas that needs to be burned and will immediately facilitate its transport to the site. Here is where the flare stack company’s experience is critical. The flare stack team will need to mobilize and arrive on-location with the portable flare stack and set it up with precision in a matter of hours.

Flares and Stacks now offers a free temporary flare and equipment program that includes our entire fleet of temporary equipment.

The F&S Rental Fleet includes everything from mobile tripod flare to full size 400″ tall guy wired structures. Flares and Stacks offers a full line of rental flares ranging from 6″ diameter to the world’s largest 48″ diameter. Included in our rental fleet are several knockout drums and liquid seals that will fit nearly all applications.

Temporary Flare Rentals as Backups to Permanent Systems

Temporary flare rentals are an important part of servicing a permanent flare system as can be found at a refinery. For this purpose temporary flare rentals serve as a backup flaring system while the permanent system is down for repairs or maintenance and naturally a temporary rental flare is critical if there comes an emergency situation at the plant. When the permanent flare system becomes inoperable a temporary rental flare can manage the waste gas burning needs of the plant and prevent potentially dangerous and explosive situations.

Because flare rentals are available for all types of applications to address varying waste gas compositions and to address varying flow rates of gas and because time is of the essence it is important to entrust a flare stack company that will immediately respond with the right portable flare system and flare ignitor and arrive on-scene quickly and efficiently and safely to set up and operate the rental flare. As anyone in the oil and gas industry can tell you both out in the field and in the refinery there may be plenty of gas that is waste but there is never time to waste.

We offer hundreds of feet of header and utility piping to complete a turnkey package.

Flares and Stacks offers a unique temporary pilot system which can be installed from the safety of the ground.

All Flares and Stacks rentals include all necessary equipment for ignition as well as meets all FFA and EPA regulations.

Flares and Stacks understands that during that unexpected emergency outage you need an immediate response. Realizing this, F&S is proud of its ability to respond and mobilize quickly 24 hours a day.