F&S Free Flare Rentals, with Portable Flare Structures and Flare Ignitors

Where combustion equipment is concerned, unexpected emergency outages require an immediate response. The responding service needs to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is also a big plus to be able… Continue Reading →

To Wire Guy Cables For Correct Guy Wire Tension On Flare Stacks

Whether the job is to wire guy cables on a brand new flare stack, or if the job is to recalibrate guy wire tension on an existing flare system, it is good to know the fundamentals of proper cabling and… Continue Reading →

Remote Flare Tip Inspection: Aerial Inspection Via Rotorcraft Unmanned Aviation

There are many different types of unmanned aerial vehicles, called UAV’s for short. In the petrochemical flare industry, a necessary tool for effective flare tip inspection is the UAV called the turbine powered rotor craft. Rotorcraft Unmanned Aviation The rotor… Continue Reading →

Retractable Flare Systems: Flare Ignition, FAA Lighting, Industrial Thermocouples

There are several retractable systems available for combustion flares and petrochemical operations with flare systems should take great advantage of them. Here is a list of the top three retractable systems: Retractable Flare Pilot Systems Retractable flare pilot systems and… Continue Reading →

Flare Tip Rebuilds for Gas Flare Systems: Rebuilds Should Involve Evaluation of Previous Performance

A gas flare systems flare tip has a pretty heavy job description. It must disperse heat effectively. It must generate flow at a velocity greater than the external wind velocities. If a gas flare system is fitted with a flare… Continue Reading →

Flare Fabrication: Specializing in Flare System Design and Flare Stack Fabrication

There are many requirements and specifications that go into flare system design. The types of material used, execution of fabrication, and testing and preparation of a flare system are all highly meticulous features of flare fabrication. Care must be observed… Continue Reading →

All About Rental Flares: Portable Flare Systems and Flare Ignitors

The flare stack service industry does more than maintain and repair the permanent flare systems of refineries. There is a whole facet of flare stack service that involves the ability to produce and set up quickly and efficiently portable flare… Continue Reading →

Refinery Flare Guy Rope Inspection

     Guy wire rope cabling for refinery flares is, like any guy rope application, subject to friction, bending and tension.  While it is not casually observable, guy wire cabling is a moving and working strength member of the flare stack… Continue Reading →

Industrial Combustion Equipment Flare Maintenance: Fast Response to Flare Failure

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So goes the maxim and it applies very well to the care and inspection programs of industrial combustion equipment in the petrochemical industry. Flare Preventive Maintenance Program From the flare… Continue Reading →

RC Aerial Photography Used for Flare Inspection and Flare Maintenance

Refinery and petrochemical plant managers normally keep flare maintenance on a regular schedule to meet the operational life expectancies of flare tips. But even so, come maintenance time, all components of the flare stack are at risk of needing repair… Continue Reading →

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