RC Aerial Photography Used for Flare Inspection and Flare Maintenance

Refinery and petrochemical plant managers normally keep flare maintenance on a regular schedule to meet the operational life expectancies of flare tips. But even so, come maintenance time, all components of the flare stack are at risk of needing repair… Continue Reading →

Ground Flare, Elevated Flare, Steam Flare: Flares & Stacks’ Flare System Design and Fabrication

From Ground Flare to Steam Flare Systems, Designing Stacks and Their Many Components There are several different designs of flare and heat stacks in the combustion equipment world. Flares and Stacks designs and fabricates guy wired stacks, self supported stacks,… Continue Reading →

Why Rebuild Gas Flare Tips

Doing a rebuild of components with wear has long been a prudent cost-saving and environmentally smart measure for all sorts of equipment in all sorts of industries. The same is true in the field of combustion equipment for the oil… Continue Reading →

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