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Ground Flare, Elevated Flare, Steam Flare: Flares & Stacks’ Flare System Design and Fabrication

From Ground Flare to Steam Flare Systems, Designing Stacks and Their Many Components There are several different designs of flare and heat stacks in the combustion equipment world. Flares and Stacks designs and fabricates guy wired stacks, self supported stacks,… Continue Reading →

Why Rebuild Gas Flare Tips

Doing a rebuild of components with wear has long been a prudent cost-saving and environmentally smart measure for all sorts of equipment in all sorts of industries. The same is true in the field of combustion equipment for the oil… Continue Reading →

Flare Systems in Refinery Construction: The Flare Stack

Turning crude oil into the assorted things that are made from crude oil, including butane, jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline, are all produced by what is called a “fractional distillation” process. In short, the distillation process separates out many various… Continue Reading →

Guy Wire Rope Specifications Maintained With Proper Guy Wire Rope Service

In wind, rain, snow, and all sorts of weather, the implement that keeps tall structures standing strong is the guy wire. Guy wires are tensioned cables, and they are used to give stability to all sorts of tall structures, including… Continue Reading →

Fares & Stacks’ Helicopter Aerial Photography Team Specializes in Industrial Photography Demands

When one thinks of aerial photography, one often envisions some guy taking a camera up in an airplane and shooting pastoral pictures of the earth below, in “fly-by” style. But this is not what we mean when we speak of… Continue Reading →

A Combustion Equipment Company With Supreme Field Services

Pollution control is a hot topic these days. Few industries are as keenly alert to the need to “be green” than is the petrochemical industry. Any innovation in process that can help make oil refinement an increasingly eco-friendly process is… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Temporary Flare Systems Rental Equipment

Down time is critical time when a flare goes offline. To appreciate how severely critical it is, you must understand the function of flare systems to the overall operation of refineries and chemical plants. A flare stack is the pressure… Continue Reading →

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